Thursday, June 5, 2008

My BirthDay

Well Yesterday was fun... I felt light hearted about anything that happened even upsets or problems. even the slow wet rainy day didn't matter.. People Online made me a party, that was nice. and how much people go into for me is amazing. I got for my Birthday.

1. I am Getting a Bike this weekend
2. I got a Bike Chain
3. I got a magnet set thing that has almost nothing in it.
4. i got 2 books, 1 called kidnapped by robert louis stevenson, and the other pocket book of revalation.
5. I got For some random reason. a Senators beach ball.
6. I got a Chicken dinner. and I'm told a cook out sometime too.
7. 4 cards with a 20 dollar check in it... it feels small from what ive been getting... i had just cashed a 462 dollar check. lol change comes quick i guess.

Thank You Everyone that helped and gave me what they did... Just the thought of you guys being happy with me was enough to make my day, but you did more so. :D