Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today was supposed to be sports as we normally do. but this time is was more like. hockey for 15 minutes. then soccer for about 20. then grounders for a while. only most of us went around as monkeys and climbed high or was swinging around each part without touching the ground once. then later on we had fun around the table and climbed up into the roof covering it. then on I got on top of it. Then I tried getting on top of the building near by. which i also climbed with the help of a poll on the other side of the building. although I had to get down because people kept trying to follow me and there parents didn't want them too. I think we climbed and played grounders for a good hour. or so. 1 of us showed me a good tree to climb. sadly it hurt a lot too. I got cuts and marks up and down my arms. they went away quickly tho which was nice. All and all it was fun. and now we have Gab, and Sam here from the cote's. along with Emily from sports.

Lia is also starting soccer. so far she has lost a game and tied a game. and she is really wanting to play her friends team this next week. on that note. Wendy's is having a soccer game against Mc.D this Wednesday night. i wanted to play but then i saw when it was. oh well i just hope we win in more then just food. :)

Work as been good. Management like loves me its weird. Mike who is the boss stopped me randomly in rush and said good job on the grill. but nothing to anyone else. as he left he also said thank you again Joe. Rob who is head manager said your the man today. and other times he says good job, or gives me free meals or frosty. or mixed frosty or what ever kind. Dianna at work helps me out of any problems. then she thanks me afterward. i said no its because of your help i got this done. In the end i give God the praise for the help I get. he has been blessing my work. and helping me find people to talk too.

Now for a poem because my mom happens to want 1 out of me.....

In War

In War the times seem failing
In War the days seem forever
In War you dwell on the dieing
In War you never forget them ever

In War Those once tall buildings stood
In War they fell as did your friends
In War you did as hard as you could
In War you try to make amends

In War the fighting comes on
In War the hiding done
In War the lines are drawn
In War you wish it never begun

Yeah i know it could use some work but hey.. it only took few minutes

Well I've got some exercise to do now. I hope you all have a good day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To The Newtons/My Second Family

Thank You all newtons for the time you gave me this last 2 days i had fun and it was a nice break from the normal days.. i feel refreshed even if still hurt somewhat from Monday. thank you Mrs Newton for your help and encourages you give me. and thank you for giving me time to look after some kids to i like working with kids, even if im just following them. thank you elijah for wanting me over the night i had fun. the trampoline was the best. even if i cut burns hehe.. well thanks again. Your a Great family to learn much from, and i hope to come over more often in the summer.

Friday, May 16, 2008

As asked for.

I have had in the past as many kids should have... teaching from our parents on making a line between the World and Godliness. A line that shouldn't be crossed over. But because of his love and mercy those who do can be forgiven for crossing that line. I have set up a wall with my self online and on personal life, both are important. That I won't allowed of my self or say of anyone else I'm with. No Cussing.... No Sex jokes... Do not hang around friends that do this a lot. My friends have said somethings.. that I probably should of left because of. but as a friend I don't give up on them.. so I remind them, thats not right.. and I really don't want to hear it. I have also has Job had done set a watch on my eyes.. very important for boys... the majority of boys fall into self sin of the lust of the eyes. Also I have found as many other have that hanging around friends that talk these ways.. Will put the thoughts of doing it your self at times... so put those thoughts behind don't let them take you into sin. Prayer is needed at these times. And remember God is in control of your life. if He wants you away from your friends He will make it so... for me, God had me work and since then I haven't been hanging with my friends as much. same for the internet. I am able to witness to people and not have the cussing or jokes. I find God has opened that door to me. I'm failing in person on witnessing. but he is using me online and at the same time getting me away from my friends so I'm not around there talk. I still care for them and won't forget them in prayer and I do still visit them. For those that are in trouble with sins as these Prayer is needed.. confession is needed to who ever it is against don't let it sit inside you, hiding it will only cause judgment on you more so. At Work I have also had my share of "conversations". As I have also found the only way to with care to tell someone that you don't go out to parties.. or drink... is with Prayer before going to work. Start each day with prayer this is very important, it will change your whole day. Trust me on that.

I will write more on this another time

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Working mornings... AGAIN!!!!

Yes this next week I'm working mornings. its bothersome to me to get up any earlier then 8 but that just happens to be when I have to start working. I don't mind it to much but as it happens I'm quite used to working later on in the day. I normally work mid-day. which is normally the most boring time of the day so thats why I don't really mind this work.

Chris and Nate are all moved in and left the house's. Now I do believe somehow girls in both families from which they came get the first bids on the rooms. so I'm still stuck with only half a room and Sarah and Kaylyn now have new rooms. Kaylyn needs the basement room for the Summer so that it doesn't get to hot at night for her to sleep like it does up stairs. Oh well maybe sometime I will be able to have one. The moving of his stuff was okay too. as I would say time consuming but productive. not to mention I also got some Wendy's food bought by Chris for my lunch. Now I do believe they got everything they need but most likely, knowing Chris and Nate, They probably forgot something at home. I think we still have some of Nate's stuff here.

Now for everyone who wants me to write more... To bad. I just don't write that much, and I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about when I say I don't know what to write about or I don't really feel like it. I have been busy with work and school junk. and a bothersome Fever/Virus. So yea about that point. It took about 4 days for Fever to leave and about 1 week for the Virus to leave and let me eat right again. and the cough is still here which has lasted 2 weeks as the doctor said most likely would happen. But I'm well enough to do basically to do anything I normally would. except for eat as much as I used to.... Its sad I can't eat a up-sized Spicy Chicken Combo anymore.....

Funny quotes from People going threw the drive threw at work...

3rd place : Whats a Combo??
2nd place : OHH I thought you were that Girl's voice... (said to my friend Scott about the drive threw person who was a girl)
1st place : Yea. can I have a pizza?