Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To lazy right now to think of anything better to name it

Well today started rather rainy, but that doesn't stop hockey soooo.... still happy :D I got to cancel the bothersome asthma attack test thingy, one reason is the only point in having it is to find out the intensity of my asthma but I already know why and what it is and does so I don't care to waste an hour attached to a machine getting stuff put into me that just makes the same thing happen when I'm exercising. two I really don't like having to go really anywhere on a day I don't have work lol. Friends and such are different. At the moment I'm waiting for food, its 6 o clock and I'm pretty amazed its this late. either that or they forgot I am in the basement.

Well there was my 25 minute pause for eating. and they hadn't forgot about me, just happened to have all the food ready at 5:15 and had a phone call for was talking for about 40 minutes and then had to reheat it all. all in all it still tasted good.
The weather and sunset I always love to see

Hockey today was pretty sweet we had a lot of older people there and really good stacked up teams. probably one of my favorite hockey games. Along with that note Habs have won each game so far. woot!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

2 poems I wrote


Who am I, O Lord
Will I learn it from your sword
Will I come to see your face
Or stay in sinners place

Who are the earthly ones
Who are your chosen Sons
Am I to stay with your sheep
Or live in this world's deep

What is this wondrous land
Made by thy own glorious hand
Am I to stay with you sure
Or live here and endure

I know of the blood and your name
It showed me that I'm lame
I will praise his wonderful hand
For He hath saved me for his land

Teach Me, O Lord

Teach me, O Lord
The way of thy Word
Give me understanding
And I will keep it till the ending
I shall keep thy law
In thy word what I saw

Incline my heart unto thy testimonies
And not unto this worlds covetousness
Turn away mine eyes from vanities
Quicken me in thy righteousness
"repeat after last verse"

I shall observe thee
Not this worlds vanity
Behold I have longed after
Thy precepts are even better
Turn away my reproach
You are to be mine coach

Original words from Psalm 119:33-40

I was thinking of another one but I lost the words of the thought while walking back from work.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doctor Appointment

The Doctor said to me that I have physical asthma. asthma that only kicks in when doing something physical. So I'm going to be getting a puffer to take before anything exerting. and I also have to get a chest Xray, blood test, and a breathing test at the hospital. lol that sounds more serious to me then it is. anyway hopfully this will resolve the problem.