Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fun weekend

Friday is when the weekend normally starts for me. and it started quite well. I was able to get the bank and cash a check so I can pay for my own stay at snow camp. Youthgroup was also fun and I do enjoy ping pong. Its just I'm not really one to eat much at things like that. I may of had only a small amount when everyone else is pigging out. I find I would like too but I get problems after with my gut. I would have spelled it with a better word but I'm not to great at remembering how to spell words so I use the closest thing I can think of.

Saturday was a blast. Skating all day with hockey as well. The shoveling was ok too. In hockey I'm kind of unable to decide what I like more. playing in nets or playing forward and anyone who has seen me play I would like some help on which I am better at. I don't like making my self out to look great. The next thing about saturday was the food, and drink, and hospitality, and lastly the fresh air.

Sunday, the Lords day, Today is also one of my favorite times because I get to be with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. and tonight is one of the best ways to do that. Fellowship time after the Lord table. it is also one of those things I can't eat much at. Sunday school has been a blessing and I found it good to learn about those you've heard about but never really understood. Like for the Seventh Day Advents. I only knew that they had a church down the street and met on saturday. so this has been a learning time for me. Thank you pastor for bring this for sunday school.

Sorry I almost forgot to put joke of the day

Joke of the day

Here lies Tobyn
who believed in the good in everyone... died by the hands of Lions while asking for directions.


Cathy said...

I am looking forward to being in the adult class again soon...or at least in the office where I can hear it over the computer speaker.

Our class has been learning about the Pharisees. It is hard to get children who have grown up in church to see themselves as Pharisees. Pray for God to open their eyes.

Joseph said...

alright I will and have been. but will the more so.

zorg said...

I could say that you are better in net because I don't like being in net all the time and so therefore if you were on my team then you might be more inclined to be in net. But then you are also good playing forward, so I don't know. You should be which ever you are most comfortable with I guess. I like to stand in the way of other players, act like I don't really know anything and then surprise them.

I know just about the same about the Seventh Day Adventist people as you used to. I'm waiting for my dad to finish the binder he is making for me and then I can read about all the cults.

Joseph said...

thank you the help on that even if it didn't help me decide. and its good to have that binder, I've used it many times.

zorg said...

i knew it wouldn't help you decide, your good at both so i cant say which you are better at.

zorg said...

i like your habs picture, its cool.