Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Newest poem

This Land

There is a Shadow over this land
Because of Canada's wicked demand
God's people wait and pray
For His coming great day
When Christ will come again
And Save us from the Lion's Den

Canada, Follow His Hand
Canada, Obey His command
Canada, Get out of the clay
He can save you Today

This land is going deeper
It's dying along with it's leader
O for grace to save this land
That it could see His merciful hand
I will rejoice in His will
And Bare this land still

Canada, You're not your own
Canada, God's on the thrown
Canada, Wake up from ease
Remember He's got the keys


Cathy said...

That is good. It is like some of the songs your pastor writes. I just printed it out for him.

Joe said...

Cool. Glad you liked it. what did he think of it?

Cathy said...

He said it was good. He has a similar song called, "America, You're Too Young to Die" which I will see about printing out for you.

Joe said...

ah. I didn't even know about that poem lol. I randomly thought of it on the way back from work. it wasn't the nicest day at work.... lots of well.... wrong conversation coming from there mouths that i just had to walk away from.