Thursday, October 9, 2008

2 poems I wrote


Who am I, O Lord
Will I learn it from your sword
Will I come to see your face
Or stay in sinners place

Who are the earthly ones
Who are your chosen Sons
Am I to stay with your sheep
Or live in this world's deep

What is this wondrous land
Made by thy own glorious hand
Am I to stay with you sure
Or live here and endure

I know of the blood and your name
It showed me that I'm lame
I will praise his wonderful hand
For He hath saved me for his land

Teach Me, O Lord

Teach me, O Lord
The way of thy Word
Give me understanding
And I will keep it till the ending
I shall keep thy law
In thy word what I saw

Incline my heart unto thy testimonies
And not unto this worlds covetousness
Turn away mine eyes from vanities
Quicken me in thy righteousness
"repeat after last verse"

I shall observe thee
Not this worlds vanity
Behold I have longed after
Thy precepts are even better
Turn away my reproach
You are to be mine coach

Original words from Psalm 119:33-40

I was thinking of another one but I lost the words of the thought while walking back from work.

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