Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things of late

Well hello again and all that. At the present moment I'm at the newtons house, looking for something to do, and decided I put up an update on what things have been going on of late.

First of all. In 5 days is my birthday. So I'm rather hoping to get several things. I know a screw driver set would be needed for the future, as would a pliers set. I would like a certain book, and my brother and I are going to be looking into getting a scoped pellet gun :)

Second of all. I am also looking forward to is a hike in august. As a late birthday present. due to what it next on my list of things I'm looking forward to.

Third is I'm looking forward to July, for not only will I be going with the newtons to maranatha, But also I'll be able to see Sarah again.

Fourth this list is rather small and not really put a lot of information into it, but that's okay I guess. Depends who I'm talking to on that subject. I've been keeping up with the same breathing problem, tho it does seem to be better then before which is an answer to prayer. I do hope it goes away completely, soon if not tomorrow. Another odd thing, every bus that passes me seems to be filled with kids who find humour in pointing, laughing, and yelling random things out at me.

Now I'm answering questions of lizzy and tim who are wondering what every button on the laptop does, including making me push 3,X and L. the next sentence will be what tim wants me to write. tim. apparently he only wanted me to type his name, how he first said 3 and then x and then L, I dont know.

Another thing is, this family seems to enjoy taking tons of pictures, majority of the ones I've seen this time, if not all the pics taken, were of me sadly enough. Also I know what its like to have kids all around me. I don't know how you do it Sarah. I think I can handle it, but not daily. oh well I guess it could get funny. Elijah just sent me a picture of you having to deal with this very thing, so I guess I'll put it on here, I dont think they took one of my being crowded but oh well.


Cathy said...

Joseph, out of 104 pics on the camera, only THREE are of you. :)

sarah said...

how do i do it? its because i love it, the crowding does get annoying, but just them all around me and wondering what i'm doing, i know i'm loved and i can't wait to be home.

and i can't remember my pw...