Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bouncing in my head

The feeling of being home came to me as a cough and a slight head ache, Followed by great meals, family company, and a fuzzy kitty. I spent the last 2 weeks with the Newton's at Maranatha camp, and they're family reunion. Which was both a good time of blessing and teaching to me. I word of praise from me is that Sarah was brought home early from her trip, and we "whole group here in Cornwall" could enjoy her company for an extra month. It was quite nice to be accepted by each of the newtons relatives as family. While at Maranatha I was touched by the services in realizing just how much the world is getting into my life and God is working in me to change that. I know this is short, but its an update, and I as I said have a head ache and am leaving for church soon. So too bad for you 15 page daily news readers. :D


Cathy said...

Bible conferences always convict me. This one was no different. Let's see if it lasts longer this time.

Then again, I think it always "lasts", it just doesn't always last at the same fervor that it starts.

For instance, let's say that after last year's conference I took ten spiritual steps forward. Then, during the course of the next year, I gradually slipped back five steps. At the end of the year I may not be exactly where I'd like to be, but I'm still five steps ahead of where I was.

Do you get what I'm saying? Every year there's something else to work on, or maybe the same things to work on more in depth. But there's also progress.

We will never truly be who we want to be in Christ until we see Him face to face. But yet we will never truly be who we were without Him, either.

Keep on keeping on. Whatever He has His finger on, get it out of your life. Now. Don't ask questions, don't reason it through. Just get it out.

PJ said...

Aye. If you spend time thinking about it, you'll rationalize and make excuses for it. and yes I understand what your saying.