Monday, August 24, 2009

Workin again

Alright here we go again. Busy busy. I say it twice for these reasons. My body is busy and my Mind is busy. sadly in two different things. So let me go into more detail on those things.

First of all my body is busy because. I have been with my dad working on his apartments first 3 weeks was just ripping out walls and things from the wall, doing some electrical things too. I got to deal with the heaters and there wiring. then starting last week and this week has been putting up new walls in the kitchen which has turned up looking quite nice. Its great to get to see clean tidy results after a good hard days work. It becomes more difficult to do because my dad and I sadly think exactly alike during work. Now you people probably don't understand why I say sadly. But its because both of us are used to just taking the orders and doing. For my dad he has to learn to be the one leading in removing and giving me things to do with him. And since he has that I have to learn to be able to see things before he has to say anything and get to it. So in the end we're both doing things we aren't normal to do. Plus neither of us are used to holding up heavy 10 footer pieces of sheet-rock to the roof while the other is trying to put the screws in to be less stress. Man I never realized those muscles were even there..... >_< Another sad thing is not having the right tools. Like lacking of processing the right saw for sheet-rock and having to use a normal utility knife for each cut.

Now to the second thing. My mind is far into and unto the idea of future. Trying to piece things together. From schooling to work to home to other people in my life to car to license to remember I need to trust in God for each of them to work out and be willing to follow through with how he will bring it about in me. Too many big questions and very important choices to be made and then to realize life will only bring more and more of those kinds of questions. Talk about brain traffic-jam. Thankfully hitting a stop light does mean eventually the light will turn green and I can go forward again. Anyway that's it for now, Gotta go back to work.


Cathy said...

Methinks the "two different things" are related. You are learning to take the initiative in your work with your dad. Life is all about taking the initiative, especially for a guy learning to be a man and eventually the leader of his own home. Many a boy-turned-man has grown up to miss their dads routing them out of bed in the morning when suddenly they've got to choose to do that themselves. You'll get there. We are praying for you.

PJ said...

Thank you. I really enjoy spending time with my dad and I know if there's ever a hard time its for teaching me so I don't get bothered. I don't have a problem getting up if there is a reason to get up. If I have nothing planned or scheduled getting early isn't important so I don't get up early. That's really the only reason I don't like him waking me early is because I don't have a reason to be up I might as well be sleeping. And for those people who take naps during the day I can't fall asleep during the day so extra sleep in the morning is very helpful so that I never get tired during the day.