Thursday, December 27, 2007

My day

Today I had to go to work and guess what my alarm clock didn't work. I wake up 7:12. and remember that I was supposed to have been there at 7:00. I had to wake up my mom. and get ready. and by the time I got to work its was 7:30. so sort of a bad morning. but I was not in trouble. due to the the fact that it hasn't opened yet. its doesn't open until 10:00. but I had to help empty the truck. so I was needed. the rest of the day was good and no problems.
now I'm home and I have a boredom state. but I don't know how I would be, I have a family of seven plus to babies in the house. but Its gotten quiet. Oh and guess what. the Haps won. 5 to 2. And right now I'm going to be removing any computer games that are not acceptable.

Here is a picture of a big dog and a horse to size. I want that Dog.


Cathy said...

I remember frantically scrambling to get to work on time. Only I had to be there at 6 in order to help cook breakfast. That was in college, where I had to run down five flights of stairs to get to the kitchen. And woe is me if I got to the first floor and realized I had forgotten some important thing! Back up the five flights I had to go. And then there were the days when my first class was at 8. I worked scullery those days, and had about 10 minutes to get from the kitchen to my class. No time to run back up to the fifth floor to change; I had to go to class smelling like the scullery.

There were elevators, but only for the maintenance crews.

sarah marie said...

wow, I like that dog! Too bad Puppy will never get that big.

sarah marie said...

oh, and who are the haps?

Joseph said...

My hockey team. the canadians.

sarah marie said...

I knew it had something to do with hockey, so I looked it up. But I got more results with habs, not haps in relation to hockey.