Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To The Newtons/My Second Family

Thank You all newtons for the time you gave me this last 2 days i had fun and it was a nice break from the normal days.. i feel refreshed even if still hurt somewhat from Monday. thank you Mrs Newton for your help and encourages you give me. and thank you for giving me time to look after some kids to i like working with kids, even if im just following them. thank you elijah for wanting me over the night i had fun. the trampoline was the best. even if i cut burns hehe.. well thanks again. Your a Great family to learn much from, and i hope to come over more often in the summer.


zorg said...

yeah its fun when your over. but that trampoline hurts, I've got lots of burns and around my eye is bruised were i tried to flip. i guess thats why they say no flipping and only one person in the safety instructions.

oh, and my grandpa checked to see how far we all had walked yesterday and its 4.4 miles round trip.

Joe said...

LOL i would of never guessed. yeah it was fun on the tramp, i didn't go to work today my back is killing me. Can you Imagen me with a hurt back trying to carry the chili. those thing already hurt my back without the pain. oh well at least i get a longer break ^^

Cathy said...

No more trampoline until your back is better. Can't have you missing work over it!

And Joseph, it's always nice to have you over.

Joe said...

Well i found out that Ben got it bad in the end as well. he has big bumps on his head. He called me up today. So yea we said in the future sometime we will fight again, and this time i won't let him get the upper hand so quickly.