Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today was supposed to be sports as we normally do. but this time is was more like. hockey for 15 minutes. then soccer for about 20. then grounders for a while. only most of us went around as monkeys and climbed high or was swinging around each part without touching the ground once. then later on we had fun around the table and climbed up into the roof covering it. then on I got on top of it. Then I tried getting on top of the building near by. which i also climbed with the help of a poll on the other side of the building. although I had to get down because people kept trying to follow me and there parents didn't want them too. I think we climbed and played grounders for a good hour. or so. 1 of us showed me a good tree to climb. sadly it hurt a lot too. I got cuts and marks up and down my arms. they went away quickly tho which was nice. All and all it was fun. and now we have Gab, and Sam here from the cote's. along with Emily from sports.

Lia is also starting soccer. so far she has lost a game and tied a game. and she is really wanting to play her friends team this next week. on that note. Wendy's is having a soccer game against Mc.D this Wednesday night. i wanted to play but then i saw when it was. oh well i just hope we win in more then just food. :)

Work as been good. Management like loves me its weird. Mike who is the boss stopped me randomly in rush and said good job on the grill. but nothing to anyone else. as he left he also said thank you again Joe. Rob who is head manager said your the man today. and other times he says good job, or gives me free meals or frosty. or mixed frosty or what ever kind. Dianna at work helps me out of any problems. then she thanks me afterward. i said no its because of your help i got this done. In the end i give God the praise for the help I get. he has been blessing my work. and helping me find people to talk too.

Now for a poem because my mom happens to want 1 out of me.....

In War

In War the times seem failing
In War the days seem forever
In War you dwell on the dieing
In War you never forget them ever

In War Those once tall buildings stood
In War they fell as did your friends
In War you did as hard as you could
In War you try to make amends

In War the fighting comes on
In War the hiding done
In War the lines are drawn
In War you wish it never begun

Yeah i know it could use some work but hey.. it only took few minutes

Well I've got some exercise to do now. I hope you all have a good day.


zorg said...

i wish we could come on tuesdays, it be kinda fun. i hope wendy wins cause mcdonalds hamburgers are dripping in grease. thats probably not a good reason but it works i guess. nice poem, i like it.

Joe said...

yea thank you.. it would be more fun with you guys there for sure.

Cathy said...

I totally forgot about Tuesdays.

zorg said...

you forgot?! wow.

i guess its not that surprising since you have been forgetting lots of things.

Cathy said...

ha ha. Or, as we used to say in MY day, har har. Listen closely for the sarcasm.

Joe said...

I can't forget sports. :) its just the way I am. just like i can't forget what day church is on. or what day my birthday is on. one thing i have forgotten tho. was how you people forget easy. :รพ

Cathy said...

I'm the one who forgets a lot. I forget why.... Oh yeah. Your mom says it's because I'm over 40. Tom says it's because I don't get enough sleep. Your Uncle Allan sent me a quote from some translation or other, where in Hezekiah 14:18, or something like that, it says that mothers who have an abundance of children are prone to losing sleep and forgetting things.

Cathy said...

Okay, here's your Uncle A's exact quote:

Hezekia 41:18 " ... and if thou shalt be espoused and abundantly blessed with off-spring such that not only doeth thy cup runneth over but thine humble domicile doeth runneth over as well, then thou art to expect and abundance of a lack of sleep, forthwith, notwithstanding the departure of thine eldest, and forthwith, thy memories, both good and bad, shall fade as the grass fadeth after a winter's salting beside the highways and byways ... "

prudence said...

Now where did I put my car keys?

Thanks for the sports commentary and the poem, Joseph. You need to call and get your hours for next week.

josiah said...

when we worked at the berry farm, for some reason the head owner told the foreman to keep nate, sarah, and I, even though they were letting a lot of others go. i thought we were only average to somewhat good, but anyway... and my arms have been liberally endowed with scratches from cleaning siding that was located close to some rose bushes, so i know how that is.

Cathy said...

Joseph and Josiah, consider this:

"And his master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand. And Joseph found grace in his sight..." (Genesis 39:3-4).