Friday, May 16, 2008

As asked for.

I have had in the past as many kids should have... teaching from our parents on making a line between the World and Godliness. A line that shouldn't be crossed over. But because of his love and mercy those who do can be forgiven for crossing that line. I have set up a wall with my self online and on personal life, both are important. That I won't allowed of my self or say of anyone else I'm with. No Cussing.... No Sex jokes... Do not hang around friends that do this a lot. My friends have said somethings.. that I probably should of left because of. but as a friend I don't give up on them.. so I remind them, thats not right.. and I really don't want to hear it. I have also has Job had done set a watch on my eyes.. very important for boys... the majority of boys fall into self sin of the lust of the eyes. Also I have found as many other have that hanging around friends that talk these ways.. Will put the thoughts of doing it your self at times... so put those thoughts behind don't let them take you into sin. Prayer is needed at these times. And remember God is in control of your life. if He wants you away from your friends He will make it so... for me, God had me work and since then I haven't been hanging with my friends as much. same for the internet. I am able to witness to people and not have the cussing or jokes. I find God has opened that door to me. I'm failing in person on witnessing. but he is using me online and at the same time getting me away from my friends so I'm not around there talk. I still care for them and won't forget them in prayer and I do still visit them. For those that are in trouble with sins as these Prayer is needed.. confession is needed to who ever it is against don't let it sit inside you, hiding it will only cause judgment on you more so. At Work I have also had my share of "conversations". As I have also found the only way to with care to tell someone that you don't go out to parties.. or drink... is with Prayer before going to work. Start each day with prayer this is very important, it will change your whole day. Trust me on that.

I will write more on this another time

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