Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Such Thing as Slowly Down

Today wasn't the easiest day for me, but then again my normal mind would say to keep going anyway and *then* I end up stressing my self out more when its not something I like doing. at the time of pain I normally act as if I only have to stop if someone asks me to do something, not if I'm trying to please boredom by biking or exploring. but if I *Have* to do it then I try to back away.

Well, now that I finished sounding like a complete whiner, of which you are probably all tired of hearing from me. I can explain the day in more detail.

Last night the normal happened. I was told at 9 pm that we are going on a hike Saturday, I ask when and all I get is we don't know yet. Then by morning I'm supposed to get up early so we can leave at 9:30. No I wasn't told that time till it was to late for me to get ready. now I wasn't the only reason for us leaving late. but I'm not going to say any names. On the trip Nate explained a bunch of things about his radio.... well.... i only got like half of it. and then he showed me how it isn't smart to recharge my mp3 player with the battery i had in it. It says right on the side, may explode or leak if recharged... *phew* .... Chris almost got hit 2 times on the ride there once we entered Ottawa. The Hike wasn't the same as the Youth Group hikes. No racing after Ben to keep him with the group. no slowing down to ask parents for some water. no such thing as short way. you know all those things that make the youth hike what it is. :) We Climbed King mountain. walked around Pink lake, and stood at the different look outs along the sides. to avoid cig smoke above I climbed down each look out and stayed on the side of it. then came back up to the surprise of some people. Then what we had when we got home was a cook out, in which I think I outdid my normal meal..... I must of had more then half of a 2 liter bottle of rootbeer. almost around the same time... meaning I don't feel to good.... kinda like touch my stomach and I will probably hurl... "note to self: don't pick something off the ground with a full stomach of carbonated drink".

Now that everyone is gone I would be able to think more, but I've already written a post so I think I'm done. Good Night. Hopefully mine won't be a exploding night....

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