Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today has to be the worst disgrace of Canada and God "I've" seen

Okay today was not good... What was good was the praying we had, and the fact that people read the signs.. but.. HOW can u possibly do that to the Canadian Flag. they changed the red for the rainbow on each side of the Flag. plus they had shirts for it saying this is what True love is. Not to mention they took the song O Canada for there own. saying that this fully backs us up. DO THEY NOT KNOW WHAT CANADA WAS BASED ON???? they said our signs are soooo hateful, but they purposely stood and said hallelujah God bless. how does that make any sense....... They want God to bless but not obey him. They think there serving him but don't want his Word... Talk about hard to love them..... But Come on, Adding Canada into there works, as if it's something to be proud about. what there doing is this "It's a feeling I like doing, so lets make it something to press as legal and has to be so that we are loving and Equal". why don't they take any feeling they like doing and press to make it legal. Like people like to steal, live for self, they like drugs. does that mean those who can't stop doing it have to press and make it legal so we are this so called "Free Nation" that we are all "Equal"... Bah redefining sin is all there doing. Parents, Don't let your kids go into this world untaught. Love them, teach them, Instruct them in the ways of God. Youth don't fall for the sin of homosexuality. and those that are taught right work with your friends. those around you. if we want to save this generation we need the right way taught.

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