Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok today wasn't as bad as I thought the rest would be

The Rest of Today was really fun, I got to work with my dad on chopping wood and stacking it, as well as cleaning things up, soccer afterward with chris nate and my dad. that was kinda insanely funny, I mean its messing things up on purpose trying new ideas of kicking it way out of the air. Suddenly Chris, or I would come flying out of no where and hit the ball out of the air into the net, or really off into some other direction. we really need to work on our aim, it was soooo horrible. Nate would randomly launch it in a weird direction. I would mess up my air shot. or Chris and I would go into long fighting fests. lol I know this is short but I just wanted to show that it wasn't all bad today.


zorg said...

thats the one thing i enjoy the most about soccer. watching you guys look ridiculous.

Joe said...

lol. not very often do we do that tho. maybe to that degree anyway. yes I know I look funny playing it. I fall over a lot then go kinda like, break dance style to get the ball. lol it works really well if they don't step on you. which i haven't had happen yet thankfully