Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not Sure Anymore

Because of how I have been used of the lord to others online and also thru books, I'm starting to wonder if a missionary might be a better thing for me to head for. I've been praying and reading on it. studying what I know and more into the Word now then I ever have been. But what ever God has for me I will be content and live for him.

More and more of my days seem to be taken up with something else. I don't think I have had a day for my self in months. and due to many things on my mind. Work, Families spiritual condition, my future for God, friends needing me, people to witness to. Pray that I keep a good mind thru all this and don't try doing something without thinking first. the song keeps popping into my mind.

I am not skilled to understand what God hath willed, What God hath planned, I only know at his right hand is one who is my Saviour.

When people look into the Word what do they see. I think on that when I go to church and see someone new. I think what could God do for them, what do they think of the singing of the praying, of this Holy book being preached. how are we a witness to them. do we show as a Godly example? do other see Christ living in us. when a Christian looks into the word what do u see. I see his Holy book opened which was so wonderfully kept and bought for our teaching. I have been reading thru proverbs a good bit on wisdom. thru these readings God has renewed that mind of his word for it says, the Wise man hears instruction and the foolish turnth away. I had before in my mind that (I've heard these things before or I'm only hearing the same thing over and over) But God used this conference used these readings, that I'm hearing it moreso. He's speaking to me in a great way that makes me want to sing more and more. last night was a great blessing of his power in songs. i woke this morning at 5:30 not knowing why. but the only thought that came to mind without even trying was singing to my self, was praying, I had dreams before hand of God doing a mighty work in all of us. each of us praising him thru the whole day. and if it was my choice I would extend the conference another week. I've removed the web browser from my computer and I'm keeping my time on games and things to a small amount. also I've removed any games that have any aspect of magic in it, music that I shouldn't listen to. and also dealing with things that have been bothering me in a more "God's in control and head of my life" kind of way. I have faith and hope of revival coming and also that we will be used. (those of our youth) in a mighty way for God.


zorg said...

Finally got to read your last two posts. sorry i am not writing a better comment but i have been thinking a lot and my mind is in a bit of a muddle.

Joe said...

It's okay Sarah I've got a good bit on mine mind too. I like taking free moments at night biking or just walking to think. or just in my quiet backyard at like 11:30 at night. Can't be up *too* late.

zorg said...

too late? 11:30 is early. unless its saturday night, i am usually asleep by oneish in the morning.

Joe said...

haha i know but thats not my call, you should understand what i mean. and i could never wake for my normal daily things by going to bed at 1. i remembered just how much work ive got here. i came home to leaking roof, a neighbours tree to cut down, a neighbours lawn to do each week, plus mine and Christina's. and I've got steve wanting me to buy a game for him (I am going to make him pay me back) as well as pat wanting me and corey. *sigh* Family never a dull moment. :)

zorg said...

you sound busy. i have hardly anything to do at home except my rabbits. but then we are starting school next week so i will have lots to do. back to biology and all that.