Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Don't know what to write.

My mom said that I'm not writing enough on my blog so this is a forced post that I am going to have to think up on the spot.

Its a snow day today. Which is good, and bad. The bad is I have to shovel, The good is no school.
Here are some ways to shovel.
#1: Shovel with your back not your knees.
#2: Be smart and use your knees and your back to help throw it.
#3: Ask the neighbours to do it. (I know lots of people who do this)
#4: Beg the neighbour with the snow blower.
#5: Do it with a Friend to get it done quicker.
#6: Use your knees as a fulcrum to lift the snow higher and with more strength.

Yesterday I watched a movie at Steve's, I don't remember what it was called. It was about a submarine and it crew who are meant to send a marker to where a nuke will be placed at Russia in the cold war. They get in a water fight and win but have a hole in the bottom of the sub. They send men down to fix it but its not working. and the water keeps coming in. there was someone at the top waiting for them. but he was told to get the men out before they all die from water. But one of the parts of the wall flies out and hits one of them in the face, with a lot of force behind it. From what I understand and from the blood coming out of his face underwater. I say he died and the top guy closed the hatch like he was commanded too. almost to late too. It was kind of weird but the story it self looked pretty cool. I dislike the blood part but other then that it the movie wasn't that bad. Later on in it there is a mutiny and half of the crew joins the others and tries sending the nuke without the states telling them too. because of the radio being down. I didn't get to watch the rest of it. It was already 10 so I had to go.

Steve and I are most likely going to have to change back and forth in shoveling driveways. I think he is coming right now so I should be getting ready.


zorg said...

we don't have to beg our neighbors at all. they come over here and snow blow our drive way all the time. I think its one of their favorite winter activities, besides skidooing.

Joseph said...

Doing your driveway is one their favorite winter activities?????? WOW! thats funny.

zorg said...

yeah, they love to do it. Jeff even blowed off the back rink one time and we didn't even ask him to. He just wanted to.

Joseph said...

Thats very confusing. I don't know why. but wow. ok forget I said anything.

Prudence said...

Joseph...people like to drive little machines and push snow. It isn't like he was using a shovel and hurting his back. DUH!! :0)

The neighbours don't help us (we have too many able bodied residents) but they help their family and elderly people. Otherwise people pay someone or fend for themselves. Then the sidewalk guy and his machine comes along and leaves two lines of snow across our driveway again. That machine is a sidewalk plow. Another time it is a snow blower that leaves less mess. One Sunday I was here the driver sat out there and beeped his horn when we had a car across the sidewalk. Then he came to the door. A big piece of apple pie later he was happy again. ha ha Not.

zorg said...

we have lots of able bodied people as well, but they just like to do it.

Cathy said...

The "problem" is, that they can't stand to watch us work hard at something that can be easily done by some sort of machine. In the winter they're over here with the snowblower so we don't have to shovel. In the summer they can't stand watching us use the push mower, so they come over with their big fancy riding mower. They haven't found anything to replace a leaf rake yet...