Thursday, February 14, 2008

Trying to write

I've always had a problem at writing in a matter of spelling and how to word things. I've never really wanted to write anything or do anything that had to do with writing. I thought well whats the point of writing a report if I'm the only one going to read it and its already in my head. I've found that this blog has given me a way to talk and write more. and I've not really ever had any problem with it. maybe not known what to write but thats it.

Why and When

Why do I stand here not in awe
Why do I forget the things I saw
When it so wonderfully was made
When it was so wonderfully was paid

Why can't I see this creation as great
Why can't I walk this road straight
When will my heart love it all
When will I rejoice at his call

Why can't I cry at mens sin
Why can't I feel its pain within
When will my heart be soft
When will it change to feel aloft

Some times I feel this way and other times it does hurt a lot when I see sin in others lives, but to me, I say "not enough".


Prudence said...

Thanks for sharing this! Poetry is a wonderful way to express ourselves. Poetry has a variety of styles that are interesting to try. Keep up the good work?

What do you think of this one?

There was a sweet lady from Nortons,
Who stopped off at Tim Horton's,
She got a hot coffee,
Flavored it with toffee,
Sweet little lady from Nortons.

Joseph said...

interesting and done quite quickly. and thank you

zorg said...

Blogs are so nice, they never tell me that a word is misspelled or that my grammar is off.

That was good, that poem. I feel like that a lot, thanks for putting it on here.

Prudence said...

Life is an education!! It is good there are other ways to learn as time goes along and after we are past having a teacher.

Pru said...

There was a young man at Wendy's,
Who did sit ups and bendies,
He drank the root beer,
For the Habs he did cheer,
The sporty young man at Wendy's.

zorg said...

lol i love that one pru. thats funny!

mom said...

I appreciate your theme Joseph. Keep it up!!

zorg said...

who is mom?