Friday, February 1, 2008

Yay skipping ahead in history to something more interesting

My mom just jumped me in history to the ww1 and I find it was good because I had already done the middle ages so I get to skip the boring parts in history that would never help me in the future unless I was in some question show. Which I don't plan on being in.

I try talking to people and I don't give up on them but when you've said the the same thing about not assuming almost your whole life and no one listens. Its hard for me to talk to anyone without it. The only people in my family I can talk to without problems is my mom and Chris. Which to me is too little in my family. Its like I have to be so careful with how I talk to them but they can make fun of me all they want. I say one thing and it sets off something they have never gotten over yet. And I get in trouble but no If its to me I can't say a thing. Understanding of one another is something I am trying to get of people and all I get is people guessing what I meant and assuming. Sometimes I feel like not talking to anyone anymore because of that. Sort of the feeling that makes me want to go to my room and hide for a bit. But being me I can't do that I never want to give up on people and I never want to chicken out of these things because its helping me out for the future. I'm not happy with being in the basement away from everything I can't hide and stay to my self. Its like there is things that can't stay inside me and I need someone to talk to but they aren't there. I've found more understanding in my friends than my own family sometimes. Which is another reason I like going to church because I have the whole family and preaching there. Its helps me a lot more than I can explain.

There I said it to more then just my mom so if people have any help or anything. It would be useful.


Cathy said...

Joseph, I know exactly what you mean. I could talk to my dad about anything and everything, but I could not talk to my mom about anything at all. Once I got married and moved out, however, my relationship with my mom improved a LOT.

Keep praying about it.

Joseph said...

At the same time as I can't talk to them very well, I am getting prayed for a lot and I have good friends who I can talk to and grow with in these things. So I praise Him for that.

Cathy said...

Joseph, I just posted a comment on Zorg's Happy World that could apply here.

We are praying for you. I showed this post to the Pastor, who was encouraged to see that you are working through this in a good way.