Monday, January 14, 2008

Glittering Snow

Glittering Snow
I watch to go
It falls on earth below
It sparkles all
I watch it fall
From heaven all in all
I stand in it
I must admit
To God I will submit
He made it all
Oh bless his name
He caused it all to fall
He put my heart aflame

I had a "good" day today...... First I had to walk to work in the middle of the worst time of the snow fall. Second about 20 people came in at once and all wanted lots of burgers. Third work broguht back many things today and got rid of somethings, and I only found out about it half way through the day. thats about it for the bad things I am very happy in other things. Other people besides me were having some problems too.

The first thing is it snowed!!!!!! The second thing is I am going staking tomorrow. The third thing is what is in my poem, how amazing the way the snow looks outside.

I had to walk home from steve's and it looks like I said amazing. I just stop and think of all God made and then think of all the stupid sciencists who think and all this came from nothing. It makes me laugh and then brothered by the fack that some one can be soo blind in sin. which also brings me back to when he saved me and what he brought me out of. I praise his name and I can not be silent.

Now I end my day with my fourth good thing sleeping.


Cathy said...

"Staking"???? You're going "staking" tomorrow? (Actually, that would be today.) Staking out a claim somewhere? Panning for gold? Looking for a homestead? Staking. Interesting idea. Be sure to send us postcards.

Joseph said...

I don't like that. You know what I meant.

Cathy said...

Sorry, Joseph. I'll leave you alone about your spelling now. :)