Monday, January 7, 2008

Ugh SCHOOL!!!!!!

Oh well school is around again and I am not enjoying it already but I have to live with it if I want to live at all in this world today. I have a bible time of my own besides school so I don't dread it to.

Work today was quite something, I got there at 11:30 and the rush started at 12:00 ended at 12:30, now if anyone reading this doesn't know what rush is like its normally from 11:40 to 1:40 a good bit longer. and there was a part in it that about 30 people all came in at once I ran out of burgers. but none of them wanted any chicken which surprised me. I think that God made to be that way to keep me in check and still not have a hard with still being sick at work. I must of used 40 tissues to day. my nose is starting to hurt but guess what thats not going to stop me from play hockey tomorrow. even if it makes me more sick I have to go me body is getting out of shape. I tried running to day and I side started to hurt a lot sooner than normal. so not to good. I would like to have more endurance so can't let a cold stop me.

Well thats about it for the day and I don't have much to write anyways so........ I'll write tomorrow I guess.


Cathy said...

"The Rush"...yeah, I remember that. I worked the friers, and had to remember not to put the fish or chicken down on the same side as the french fries. Then a new girl came on. She wore those ridiculous pointy high heel shoes to work in! So here we are, in the middle of a rush, and she doesn't like the grease on the floor by the friers. So she goes and gets a mop! I'm trying to put fries out on the line (we did cafeteria style, the customers grabbed their own fries off a tray), the drive thru girl is running back and forth grabbing fries and burgers, etc., the ice cream girl was trying to go past me also, to take ice cream orders to the check out (it was DQ where I worked) and here's this new girl getting in everybody's way with the mop!!! She really got offended when the manager told her to put the mop away and make sure she wore different shoes the next day. After that, it went from bad to worse, and she ended up throwing a temper fit and quitting. Never made it through her first day.

Joseph said...


sarah marie said...

I'm not surprised about the chicken, who would want to eat that? I would take a burger any day over chicken.

One way to keep in shape is to get a large dog who loves to run, then go out on the atv trail and run. I am slowly beginning to be able to run farther and farther without stopping. Sometimes I actually manage to run faster hen Puppy.

Anonymous said...

yes, I only took that dog down to the end of the road and back and I felt quite sore. Not enough strenuous activities i guess.