Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today Was Painful and Joyful

I say that today was painful and joyful because of a lose of a Child, and joyful because God has given us so many friends and family that can comfort us and Jill in these hard times. I also am joyful because I know that God is in control of all things and it will be used for good.

I had the job of looking after my niece Eva, and let me tell you she is a hand full. She seems to think that my face is meant for hitting. And she thinks that all the pillows are meant to be on the floor. I had a good time with her and was glad to do it too. because if for some reason God did the same thing again I want as much time with her as I can get. She only Two and doesn't even know what has happened. I used to be bothered by her always coming to me for playing a game. Now God has already used it for good, it helps me see my family as more than I did before. I go through the day thinking of who to talk to next, who to get to know better next.

God has helped me and I know God will us it others as well, beside just my own family. I pray and I have Faith that he will use it in Daniel, in Lia, in Kaylyn, even in other people that are not in my family.

I need some rest from this day and I think I am the most at peace in my family about it. I care for Jill and I cared Aaron. But I'm looking at the rest who are not saved to see "Life is but a vapor". No one knows when it will end and you better have The Rock to hide in. Because right know if your not in Christ you are standing right in the way of judgement, A Title(sp) Wave of judgement and to blind to see it coming.

I thank all of you who are praying and for those how aren't you need to check up. Not to pray for me, for Jill.


Cathy said...

Joseph, we will never stop praying until God answers.

Joseph said...

Cathy Don't stop your praying for them even then.

Cathy said...

Well, no, but I thought you'd know what I mean.

Joseph said...

I got it. and thank you.

zorg said...
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