Saturday, January 19, 2008

Long Day and Week

I had a long week as the title has said and I knew only about 95% of them, it was a good time and a hard time for my family. The whole time was tiresome and it was busy but a good time of seeing family.

I am trying to get away from it all. Its getting me to tired and I like having energy for other things and the energy for my work. Right now I am at the Newtons house its a good time for me every time I go because it seems like there is always something to do and someone to do it with.

Snow gets everywhere and it happens to get in my boots and down my neck. I happen to like some of it. My family and friends say that I'm part alien or not human. I am just different to what they normally see. I also enjoy shooting snow balls around at people and things around me. some people don't like though. Other people ask for it.hehe. Well I have a good time with it every time.

I am hoping to have good sleep to night, unlike every other time I have been here. I am going to be changing where I sleep this time so hopefully it works. Well certain people want on because for some reason she thinks i am taking to long.


Joseph said...

Sorry I forgot to thank you guys for letting me stay at your house. oh and I am also sorry that I don't know where the diskreader is.

Cathy said...

Joseph, it's always nice to have you. Glad we could help you get a break. And hopefully you didn't infect us with your family's current plague. :)

zorg said...

you probably left it in the van somewhere, maybe it fell on the floor. and yeah, its fun having you over.

Joseph said...

You make it sound like I am some sort of disease carrying monster.he he. I always have fun at your house even if its just noise I always find something to do with you guys.