Friday, January 18, 2008

Wow so many people

My day was a bit like this: I get home from work and and is down in the back room. Lia is watching pooh bear with Eva and her friend, Lia happens to wants the sound turned way up. I lay there trying to rest and block out the sound of pooh bear songs. when I hear something happening in the front room I get up and go in there. And what do I find about 14 people all in the front room. I just stopped and looked. I knew I was tired but I was so confused that all I did was stand there. I know I'm last to know everything but this is something they should have told me about.

Work wasn't to great either, very busy and amazingly I did not fall behind once. Two people there know of Aaron. Corey does to because his mom is a nurse and heard about it at work.

I am sooo tired that I think this is all I will write. Sorry to you people that like long books and stories because this is all you get. ha ha.


zorg said...

humph, I like long stories. jk

sounds like you should go to bed. Perhaps that was something you should have been told, but maybe you should start asking. I wouldn't know about as many things as I know and I wouldn't know whats happening if I never asked.

Joseph said...

Ok well its getting better. because I'm working now I need to know when I have to have a day off. And I do ask but sometimes they still don't tell me.

lardy said...

it better.he he i don't get you brother