Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Pray For You

I pray for you, young one of sin
I pray that you to see his mercy
I pray that he takes you out of the trash bin
I pray with the faith that he gives me
I pray that the preaching works in you
I pray that he keeps you in his love
I pray that the word in you be true
I pray that he brings you to him above
I pray that he might work in you
I pray for I can not be silent
I pray for You
Young one of sin

I could not help but cry tonight when I prayed for the lost family members, it hurts to see them so. They sit in preaching week after week and there is no change. I can't even talk about them without cry for them. I pray for them as I wrote that God may do that change in them.


sarah marie said...

Who wrote that? Seriously, I like that poem.

My brothers and sisters make my cry. Its just everyday they hear and everyday no change. And I am thankful for the things that have been happening in Mrs Donnelly's (sp) family.

Joseph said...

Sarah I wrote that last night.

sarah marie said...

its good, maybe you are better at writing than you think?

Joseph said...

well it was from the soul. its what God brought to me to say. ask elijah and ben how I was that night. they will tell what it was like, I don't like making it sound like I'm boasting.