Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not again I don't want to be sick

Well I think I may have the flu. And I really don't like the idea of me being sick and having to not eat or I might throw up. wow this is going to be one strange night. I also don't want to miss church but I care for your guys health more than mine so just tell me what he preached on later.

My stomach feels like its empty and full at the same time. And egg burping is not nice. I can't do anything to make myself feel better. laying down doesn't help sitting doesn't help. man WHY did Lia have to sneeze right then Tuesday. I'm not tired and I'm not awake. this is one strange evening. I want to eat but I can't, I skipped Supper. I want to do something but my body is not working.

Lia and My mom are playing "Sorry". We just had Bible Time so I think I will try to go to sleep after this.

One more thing I don't want to miss is my work. its not nice to call in sick. and its not something I do. My mom wants me to do homework now so I think I will end it here. besides I can't think right.


zorg said...

having the flu is nasty, thankfully I haven't had it for a while. Almost a year actually, I was just getting over it when I got Puppy.

Lets see, he was in Acts 16, which you probably knew already. The thing that I remember the most is in verse 16,

"And it came to pass, as we went to prayer..."

It was as they were going to prayer the damsel with the spirit met them, it was like Satan was trying to hinder them. Then the other thing that was talked about was something like how the possessed woman was drawing a crowd and God used that situation for good. Something like that, I asked my dad to repeat that part just now and I didn't axactly get what I wanted.

I gave your dad the card reader if you still want it. And sorry is a great game, I love playing it.

Joseph said...

Thanks for the Card Reader. I can put my own pictures on now. I did throw up last night twice. once at 8:30 and once at 11:30. but after it all I felt great and my stomach can take food again.yay!!!!! thank you for the Wednesday night update.