Thursday, January 17, 2008

History and My Favorite Plane

One of my favorite things to read is history. To me the most interesting part of history is the medieval times. I normally get in to the deep parts of it and the way they did things and how they came to do it the way they do. I am also interested in the old myths of the ancient nations.

I would go into details about it but I'm not a good one for teaching it. if someone asked about something or messes something up in history I will correct or help anyway I can.

Another thing I have always wanted to have was a P51 fighter plane. just for the sake of flying it as the fastest airplane in the world.

I like the thought of going so fast that most things around you are a blur.


sarah said...

Those plane were still in use in the 1980s. I love airplanes and I like studying about them, someday I'll fly one.

Yeah, and if you ever get one, make sure I get a ride:) hehe jk I think they only have one seat.

Joseph said...

no they have two in the P51, its meant for the copilet(sp).

zorg said...

copilot, but yeah, I'd like to fly in a fast plane

Joseph said...

well that is the fastest plane right there. But these are just dreams I don't think they will happen to me at all. I would like to fly a plane like that but its not something I'm going for.

zorg said...

Last thing I knew was that planes were cool in a high sort of way, so yeah, I figured you were dreaming. But for me, someday I will fly a plane.