Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hockey Tis Fun

Today was a blast, part of it was me needing to skate but wasn't able too well because of my skates needing to be sharpened. But I had fun and it was good change of energy being used. I have a breathing problem so its kind of hard to skate sometimes. I fell a lot today. But being me I can't just sit there and watch other people play. afterward I needed water so bad that I didn't care what I got it from, the river, someone else's water bottle, the snow even. But I lived, and next time I won't forget to bring my own bottle. or money to buy some rootbeer.

Oh that's something I haven't talked about yet, I almost have an addiction to rootbeer. I would drink all the time if I could drink that much. or had the money to buy that much rootbeer. But I could think many better ways to spend my money on. One being on the church.

Now others things I would like spend my money on: ear plugs(hehehe), my own sharp skates(right now I'm using my dads), pay my brother back for the many things he's given me, pizza for tomorrow, and I think thats about it or maybe a few books to read. And Thank You Cathy for the book you got me. I like it a lot.

This is a picture of my favorite player on my favorite team. No not Higgins and no not Ryder, the guy in the back Zaku Koivu. He just scored the game winning goal on Carolina Hurricanes.
If anyone whats to know No it didn't take me this long to write a post I had to eat part way through.


Joseph said...

I did not start at 2:00! it at was 5:00!

sarah marie said...

I think the blogger should have the posted time be when you actually posted, not when you started.

I suppose me having root beer didn't help, hehehe. I don't have to worry about spending too much on root beer because I don't normally have loose cash on me, its in the "bank". but when I do have money on me, I get some whenever I can. Yeah, I could use earplugs sometimes, the noise level here sometimes gets extremely loud. Louder than you've heard.

Cathy said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the book. I have a couple more in mind, but they'll wait.