Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Poem

I've got an old story to tell
One the world should now know
About this one who saves from hell
And how is people at his feet do bow

I was in a slave camp yet not for sale
He came bought me with his life
That he might save me from this dale
And make me part of his own wife

It hurts to think he came from above
So I could put him there to crucify
And there He put me in his love
And now the only thing to do is glorify

My mom wanted me to write another one so there it is. I could have done a better job but my head is not working right and I need to get sleep.


sarah marie said...

I don't under stand this thing you said once about not being able to write good poetry. That was good; you should see all my attempts to write down the same thing.

Joseph said...

um well I don't think of myself very good in a matter of doing anything. but I have to try and well its helps.