Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Car repairs for dummies

Ok this morning before anything else after Bible Time. My mom puts a book in my hand and says read chapter 15. I look at the front of it and it says..... "Car Repairs For Dummies" I look at mom and say Why must you insult me. So I read that chapter on changing oil in a car and how it can length the life of your car and its motor. It was very interesting. And I'm not just saying that to please my Mom. It was interesting and helpful.

I'm listening to some Japanese music right now. I find it sounds cool. It just depends what kind of music, because there is J-pop and J-Rock and few others like J-Rap. But I don't listen to them. I know some of you who are reading this may disagree with me on music but I like it and I know that there is no swearing in it and there is no drugs or alcohol behind it. Nothing like music from here or the states that I've heard of. I'm sorry if it bothers anyone but if you see any problems with the band Hearts Grow than please tell me. The only thing I can see is they like to dance a lot when singing. Not bad dancing just the kind that shows that they are having fun and are into it. Ok well that is enough of that.

Well I just had my math Exam and I got a 72% on it sadly but thats without any studying out of class. so pretty good. I got it done pretty quick and it was fun somehow?

I got to help my Dad move a desk out of my Grammas room and move it to Jill's house. The only problem is not having some person come out of no where right in the path of my cart that I'm using to move the desk, but we got through without any problems so that was good. Well the only thing was I had to do stand around for about a half an hour. and then sit around at the glasses place for them to fix my grammas glasses. That was about another half an hour. But I'm ok and God is teaching me Patience more and more.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I hate our internet!!!

OK first my games didn't work right then my Mom could not email anyone. Then! the internet stopped working all together. Then Jill's is working. Then we have to call up bell and that was a bother. One and a half hours of talking to someone. Now I know how Nate feels. I'm glad God has gave me the patience to do even that. After it all now Jill's is not working again. man this bothersome.

There are more interesting things about today but I'm not the best for saying them. and This is all I am going to write today. Sorry for all those Novel people who like long post because this is all you get. I'm already annoyed enough And I can't think right to type much more anyway.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A few pics

My waiting for food Kitty
The smiling face I will never forget. I still miss you Aaron
My niece Eva
My Sister Kaylyn
Me(a picture I don't mind)

These are all the pictures the that my blog won't let me change.

Root beer and chocolate bars

That was good root beer and it went well with what I am about to say.

Today, after supper, I got bored of standing around every night and decided to go for a walk to Shortline, a convenient store, then thought how I did not have a shower since before work. So after that I went outside to Shortline. Bad idea! while I walked my face and hands froze and my hair must of had ice in it. pretty soon i could not feel my face and my hands. I would have drunk my root beer if my hands were not frozen. So I get home and go to the back room where the fire is going and drink my lonely root beer. not so lonely anymore..... I also would have eaten my chocolate bar but it was frozen too! So the 5 cent candies I ate on my way home. And guess what the first thing I said when my hands and face froze. This Feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry on that one. Now if that does not seem weird then I don' know what is.

Ok with that all said and done. I found out that my coat did not smell at all, my cats were just being weird. Missy is getting looks so much bigger than the first time we got her. And she is turning into a cat like Simba who justs sits around and does nothing.

Nate called today asking if I wanted a manual for a game instead of the game. kind of a dumb question if you ask me but no one is asking sooooo........... forget I said anything. My friends are always gone these days I don't know what it is but I don't see them as much. Every time I want to do something they are gone somewhere else. And that also means no times to talk to them about coming to Youthgroup or God in anyway. I still pray that God will use what they have heard to save them. Please pray with me for them.

I do enjoy all the teaching I have been getting from my Grampa and Ms. Newton. I know it will help me in the future. I am also enjoying Pastor's teaching in Sundayschool and Chris's from Youthgroup. Thats all for tonight because my head and my stomach isn't feeling that great again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Donkey kong music and thoughts

I am listening to donkey kong music and Zelda music on youtube while writing this post. its sounds pretty cool. its brings back that good old days.

Today I guess I had some weird smell about me because the cats seemed very bothered by me and continued to keep smelling my coat. the only thing I know about that would make me smell is the garbage that I took out at 7:00.

Today I met someone who was 9 years old playing BattleFront 2 it was kind of weird. she said she was Asian and was in 12 grade. wow smart kid. but I can't believe that a 9 year old would be playing it. it just seems so messed up and confusing. She said that her brother had been teaching her how to play it. wow thats funny.

Ok well I am over my Flu it went by pretty quick. Throw up twice and then feel better. seems quick to me. Thank you those who were praying for my family and me in our sickness.

There is something God is showing me more and more is my friends and family being always there and always helping. I thank God for you guys and all your doing in prayers and comfort. With Jill and with sickness everyone is always there. That unity that God gave us is amazing as is his grace and mercy.

Now its time to get back to the resting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not again I don't want to be sick

Well I think I may have the flu. And I really don't like the idea of me being sick and having to not eat or I might throw up. wow this is going to be one strange night. I also don't want to miss church but I care for your guys health more than mine so just tell me what he preached on later.

My stomach feels like its empty and full at the same time. And egg burping is not nice. I can't do anything to make myself feel better. laying down doesn't help sitting doesn't help. man WHY did Lia have to sneeze right then Tuesday. I'm not tired and I'm not awake. this is one strange evening. I want to eat but I can't, I skipped Supper. I want to do something but my body is not working.

Lia and My mom are playing "Sorry". We just had Bible Time so I think I will try to go to sleep after this.

One more thing I don't want to miss is my work. its not nice to call in sick. and its not something I do. My mom wants me to do homework now so I think I will end it here. besides I can't think right.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Its so nice and cold!!!!

That was the best hockey game I have had, even if the Newtons couldn't be there. First we had a lot of snow to get rid of. I got tons of it down my shirt. it felt so good, and awakening. I got new skates today they work great. I just have to break them in. I all so had fun at the arena. a good game of tag. Which makes think, how long did Dallas wait there in the cold. hehe...... well I'll ask him some other time.

Lunch was great. lots of soup for me to eat. And missy doesn't want me to write right now. but I still will.

If anyone wants to see a "very good" goal in hockey. go to and go to players and look up Rick Nash. but remember last name first in the search. He made it look so easy. as he owned Two defenceman and the goalie. wow thats going to be in the highlights for a long time.

Jacob has a thing for jumping on everything and and making his little noise to get people to help him. He enjoys chasing the cats and talking to them. This morning he was saying over and over. nana nana. has he is trying to say banana. its kind of cute how he says it.

this is about what we were skating in afterward.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ow It Burns

Today was funny. I got burned and frozen, bored and awake, thanks and forgetting I'm alive. pretty funny day if you think about it. I happened to take longer than I meant in posting tonight because I had to eat and have bible time and I was talking to someone online so its hard to post and talk to someone at the same time. its like writing a post and then switch to talking to some one else and by mistake write something you were going post to the person your talking to. kind of confusing and funny.

Well I started my own clan on a game so I don't know how long that will last. hopefully long enough to have fun and have other people join it.

Well out of my family today. Chris is sick and Jill. And my Grampa is going to leave tomorrow. Lia is sick as well. My dad is going back to work again. My mom still needs the sleep that she as needed since she became a mother. Kaylyn is gone back with my Uncle to Peterborough. See some times I know some things. Even if I don't ask.

Well Chris is wanting to watch Highlights of hockey right now so this is the last of my post for the day.

I don't know what the title should be

I had a good talk with my grampa yesterday and I find he is sometimes easier to talk to. I also talked to my parents today and they weren't as understanding. I sometimes don't get half the things they do and they don't tell me why they just say you don't need to know because you will have something to say about it. Well its getting better in a way, I'm just trying to get to know them better and understand them more.

Today I have to work so I am doing this post so I don't forget to do one. I will write more later because I have to get ready to go now. so everyone just wait until about 6:00 then I will try to write something more.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Long Day and Week

I had a long week as the title has said and I knew only about 95% of them, it was a good time and a hard time for my family. The whole time was tiresome and it was busy but a good time of seeing family.

I am trying to get away from it all. Its getting me to tired and I like having energy for other things and the energy for my work. Right now I am at the Newtons house its a good time for me every time I go because it seems like there is always something to do and someone to do it with.

Snow gets everywhere and it happens to get in my boots and down my neck. I happen to like some of it. My family and friends say that I'm part alien or not human. I am just different to what they normally see. I also enjoy shooting snow balls around at people and things around me. some people don't like though. Other people ask for it.hehe. Well I have a good time with it every time.

I am hoping to have good sleep to night, unlike every other time I have been here. I am going to be changing where I sleep this time so hopefully it works. Well certain people want on because for some reason she thinks i am taking to long.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Wow so many people

My day was a bit like this: I get home from work and and is down in the back room. Lia is watching pooh bear with Eva and her friend, Lia happens to wants the sound turned way up. I lay there trying to rest and block out the sound of pooh bear songs. when I hear something happening in the front room I get up and go in there. And what do I find about 14 people all in the front room. I just stopped and looked. I knew I was tired but I was so confused that all I did was stand there. I know I'm last to know everything but this is something they should have told me about.

Work wasn't to great either, very busy and amazingly I did not fall behind once. Two people there know of Aaron. Corey does to because his mom is a nurse and heard about it at work.

I am sooo tired that I think this is all I will write. Sorry to you people that like long books and stories because this is all you get. ha ha.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

History and My Favorite Plane

One of my favorite things to read is history. To me the most interesting part of history is the medieval times. I normally get in to the deep parts of it and the way they did things and how they came to do it the way they do. I am also interested in the old myths of the ancient nations.

I would go into details about it but I'm not a good one for teaching it. if someone asked about something or messes something up in history I will correct or help anyway I can.

Another thing I have always wanted to have was a P51 fighter plane. just for the sake of flying it as the fastest airplane in the world.

I like the thought of going so fast that most things around you are a blur.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today Was Painful and Joyful

I say that today was painful and joyful because of a lose of a Child, and joyful because God has given us so many friends and family that can comfort us and Jill in these hard times. I also am joyful because I know that God is in control of all things and it will be used for good.

I had the job of looking after my niece Eva, and let me tell you she is a hand full. She seems to think that my face is meant for hitting. And she thinks that all the pillows are meant to be on the floor. I had a good time with her and was glad to do it too. because if for some reason God did the same thing again I want as much time with her as I can get. She only Two and doesn't even know what has happened. I used to be bothered by her always coming to me for playing a game. Now God has already used it for good, it helps me see my family as more than I did before. I go through the day thinking of who to talk to next, who to get to know better next.

God has helped me and I know God will us it others as well, beside just my own family. I pray and I have Faith that he will use it in Daniel, in Lia, in Kaylyn, even in other people that are not in my family.

I need some rest from this day and I think I am the most at peace in my family about it. I care for Jill and I cared Aaron. But I'm looking at the rest who are not saved to see "Life is but a vapor". No one knows when it will end and you better have The Rock to hide in. Because right know if your not in Christ you are standing right in the way of judgement, A Title(sp) Wave of judgement and to blind to see it coming.

I thank all of you who are praying and for those how aren't you need to check up. Not to pray for me, for Jill.


This is a post for a moment of silence for Aaron. please pray for Jill my sister, and Please trust God to use it for good.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Glittering Snow

Glittering Snow
I watch to go
It falls on earth below
It sparkles all
I watch it fall
From heaven all in all
I stand in it
I must admit
To God I will submit
He made it all
Oh bless his name
He caused it all to fall
He put my heart aflame

I had a "good" day today...... First I had to walk to work in the middle of the worst time of the snow fall. Second about 20 people came in at once and all wanted lots of burgers. Third work broguht back many things today and got rid of somethings, and I only found out about it half way through the day. thats about it for the bad things I am very happy in other things. Other people besides me were having some problems too.

The first thing is it snowed!!!!!! The second thing is I am going staking tomorrow. The third thing is what is in my poem, how amazing the way the snow looks outside.

I had to walk home from steve's and it looks like I said amazing. I just stop and think of all God made and then think of all the stupid sciencists who think and all this came from nothing. It makes me laugh and then brothered by the fack that some one can be soo blind in sin. which also brings me back to when he saved me and what he brought me out of. I praise his name and I can not be silent.

Now I end my day with my fourth good thing sleeping.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Funny Pics

I enjoy these pictures and I hope all of you will too. Thats all the time I have to night and it took to long to find all these so you better enjoy them.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Life In My Home

I'm the second to last in my family and I have four other brothers and sisters. One Brother and Three sisters. I am unable to know how many are in my heavenly family, to many of them. My oldest sister has to kids and one of them thinks that She can follow me anywhere, its like having someone to follow you and copy you all the time. I am in tenth grade and I have a job, which has been helpful. My youngest sister is Lia and she is 11 I think. I don't remember and I can't say to with a straight face in the first place so on to the next person. The Third in the family is Kaylyn and is in college, She is 18. My Brother is 21 and is trying to get in a christian college. and I already said stuff about my oldest sister I would tell everyone about her husband but because of family reasons I can't. and well everyone is still living here and its a bit crowded. There isn't much to tell. But now you all know them. Now is where I get my niece off my lap again.

Important matter is that Lia, Kaylyn, and Daniel(my sisters husband) are not saved and need prayer.

I wish I could think of more to say. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Poem

I've got an old story to tell
One the world should now know
About this one who saves from hell
And how is people at his feet do bow

I was in a slave camp yet not for sale
He came bought me with his life
That he might save me from this dale
And make me part of his own wife

It hurts to think he came from above
So I could put him there to crucify
And there He put me in his love
And now the only thing to do is glorify

My mom wanted me to write another one so there it is. I could have done a better job but my head is not working right and I need to get sleep.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hockey Tis Fun

Today was a blast, part of it was me needing to skate but wasn't able too well because of my skates needing to be sharpened. But I had fun and it was good change of energy being used. I have a breathing problem so its kind of hard to skate sometimes. I fell a lot today. But being me I can't just sit there and watch other people play. afterward I needed water so bad that I didn't care what I got it from, the river, someone else's water bottle, the snow even. But I lived, and next time I won't forget to bring my own bottle. or money to buy some rootbeer.

Oh that's something I haven't talked about yet, I almost have an addiction to rootbeer. I would drink all the time if I could drink that much. or had the money to buy that much rootbeer. But I could think many better ways to spend my money on. One being on the church.

Now others things I would like spend my money on: ear plugs(hehehe), my own sharp skates(right now I'm using my dads), pay my brother back for the many things he's given me, pizza for tomorrow, and I think thats about it or maybe a few books to read. And Thank You Cathy for the book you got me. I like it a lot.

This is a picture of my favorite player on my favorite team. No not Higgins and no not Ryder, the guy in the back Zaku Koivu. He just scored the game winning goal on Carolina Hurricanes.
If anyone whats to know No it didn't take me this long to write a post I had to eat part way through.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ugh SCHOOL!!!!!!

Oh well school is around again and I am not enjoying it already but I have to live with it if I want to live at all in this world today. I have a bible time of my own besides school so I don't dread it to.

Work today was quite something, I got there at 11:30 and the rush started at 12:00 ended at 12:30, now if anyone reading this doesn't know what rush is like its normally from 11:40 to 1:40 a good bit longer. and there was a part in it that about 30 people all came in at once I ran out of burgers. but none of them wanted any chicken which surprised me. I think that God made to be that way to keep me in check and still not have a hard with still being sick at work. I must of used 40 tissues to day. my nose is starting to hurt but guess what thats not going to stop me from play hockey tomorrow. even if it makes me more sick I have to go me body is getting out of shape. I tried running to day and I side started to hurt a lot sooner than normal. so not to good. I would like to have more endurance so can't let a cold stop me.

Well thats about it for the day and I don't have much to write anyways so........ I'll write tomorrow I guess.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I feel quiet in side and sleepy out side. nose full, head full, head aching. I felt fine yesterday, but I don't know maybe staying up all night did something to me. I don't know, I fell asleep at 7:00 the day before and stayed asleep until 8:00. way to long when it comes to me. I hit my head about three times getting up this morning on the bed. and when I was at my friends house, we went to the store to get snacks and some guy egged me. it was kind of funny. well thats it I guess my head hurts to much and I can't think. time to go back to bed I guess.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Pray For You

I pray for you, young one of sin
I pray that you to see his mercy
I pray that he takes you out of the trash bin
I pray with the faith that he gives me
I pray that the preaching works in you
I pray that he keeps you in his love
I pray that the word in you be true
I pray that he brings you to him above
I pray that he might work in you
I pray for I can not be silent
I pray for You
Young one of sin

I could not help but cry tonight when I prayed for the lost family members, it hurts to see them so. They sit in preaching week after week and there is no change. I can't even talk about them without cry for them. I pray for them as I wrote that God may do that change in them.